The best mexican tortas, pambazos and tacos.

Centuries of conquest, independence and revolution have left us with a diverse culinary heritage and a generous appetite for festivity.

At Hidalgo, you will find authentic, homemade, Central Mexican cuisine in the warm, gracious atmosphere of a Mexican country estate. Our bar features a wide selection of tequilas and margaritas, as well as a unique Menu.


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As for a family that moved to Juneau, Alaska from the sunny state’s city of San Diego, finding at least one Mexican restaurant here was incredible! An icing on the cake: it’s actually very tasty here!

Andrew Winchester

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While I’ve been living in Alaska my whole life, I’ve always enjoyed visiting a local TexMex restaurant in Anchorage… Since I and my husband moved over to Juneau, we’ve been delighted to find another one up here!

Diana smith

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Manuel Juarez, the Chef

Do you feel hungry for good food and festive mood, while living in or visiting the beautiful city of Juneau?

I invite you to my family Mexican restaurant, filled with authentic Mexican dishes and drinks, just as well as the festive, Southern atmosphere and interior!

Be my guest today!


Our Mexican restaurant is livid, bright and festive not just in a culinary way, but in regard to our atmosphere and interior too!

Each evening we host a live mariachi band and each day our interior theme changes to represent some another Mexican state or a city, like Mexico, Juarez, Baja California and so much more…